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Hand-push Sweeping Robot

The hand-push sweeper is a purely mechanical drive maintenance-free cleaning tool. No need for power cord and battery and any power source just push and walk to collect the garbage into the bin. It will sweep and collect at the same time. High working efficiency, can replace 6 cleaning workers.
1、Easy to use – you can easily recycle the garbage into the dust collection bin by pushing and walking.
2、No need for any power source – pure mechanical drive. No batteries, wires, diesel, gasoline and other power sources.
3、Simple maintenance – the whole body can be flushed with water. No need to replace the battery and other parts of maintenance.
4, labor-saving and efficient – sweeping and collection will be completed at the same time, sweeping efficiency is 4-6 times more than manual.
5, durable – the whole machine is made of engineering plastic. It is corrosion-resistant, aging-resistant, and not deformed.
6、Convenient storage and transportation – portable handle for easy handling. Upright storage saves space.
7, small loss – the main brush and double side height can be adjusted. Ensure the efficiency of work while minimizing loss.

Post time: Nov-04-2022