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How to Clean a Steam Mop How to Maintain a Steam Mop

Steam mop with super oil stains, dirt, stubborn stains function, in the market is very popular with consumers. Steam mops need to be cleaned and maintained during use. Today we are going to talk about the cleaning and maintenance of steam mops.

  • How to Clean a Steam mop How to maintain a steam mop

一、How to clean a steam mop

1、Steam mop is not need to add detergent, you can use high temperature steam, the need to clean the place for high strength decontamination and sterilization, mites.

2、Steam mop head can be carefully washed with water, wear gloves to wring the mop, and then spread out the head to air.

3、Or make a basin of hot water, put some washing powder in it, and then put the mop into the bubble, and then wash off.

二、How to maintain a steam mop

1、Steam mop maintenance, first after cleaning, put the cleaner for a period of time, let its body completely cool, please keep in a cool place.

2、When cleaning, do not put detergent or soapy water, be sure to use ordinary tap water. Steam mop due to more functional design, therefore, in the process of use also need to pay attention to some problems, so that it has a longer service life, and more comfortable use experience.

3、The mop should be cleaned in time after each cleaning use. Because the mop after mopping is with bacteria, and a long time is not cleaned, the stain will solidified on the mop, until the next use, cleaning up more laborious, but also affect its service life.

 Visible, steam mop needs to be cleaned regularly, steam mop is not need to use detergent, only need to clean water. In addition, steam mops need to be maintained. Before maintenance, care should be taken to keep them dry and avoid excessive bacteria.



Post time: Feb-24-2023